Design Build your Community Sewer

    We are a wastewater utility that can help you through all aspects of the development process.  Starting with land planning, system design, AutoCAD drawings, permitting and construction.  After the project is complete, we provide the very best wastewater service to the residents.  We have all the necessary equipment and expertise for your project.  We are experts in the construction of wastewater plants, installation of drip emitter systems and PLC controls.  We can handle any special needs you might have with our staff, including custom control software programming, wastewater plant operation, general operation and maintenance.

     We specialize in wastewater plants that are truly green to the environment and our precious water resources.  We have capabilities to meet yours and your clients’ needs, with assurance that your project will exceed all regulatory requirements and yet be affordable.  Our systems are designed with automation that provides automation redundancy.   Simply stated, our systems are designed to work and stay online, providing our clients with the most reliable wastewater service possible.  


   Our designs are considered unique in the industry, not because they are different but because we use the best equipment and construction practices, not the cheapest. We feel that it is very important to protect the reputation of our customers, after all no one wants to be associated with a project that regulators see as substandard. Even worse, a bad word spoken against a development company has the power to cancel out 10 good ones.

     We can work with most soil conditions without having to resort to costly blasting. More importantly, we understand that excavations have an amount of uncertainty, and we will work with you not against you to complete the project on time and on budget.

    We strive to use the best designs to meet your needs and standards.  We use tried and proven construction methods, keeping down cost with an assured high quality outcome.  We maintain an onsite presence, not turning your job over to people you have never met or seen.