Frequently Ask Questions

Is a community system bad for the environment?

    No, a community system is operated by a certified sewer treatment operator same as a municipal plant.  The main difference is with a community plant the the very clean effluent water is then applied to the soil instead of being dumped back into the drinking water supply.  One of the by products of sewage treatment is phosphate.  This is one of the chemicals that turn our lakes and rivers green from alga growth.  Phosphate is created with both processes but phosphate is non soil mobile, meaning it doesn't move in the soil. The soil binds up the phosphate until the trees or grass can take it up as fertilizer, that’s why the effluent is put in at shallow depths.   The other benefit of applying the effluent to the soil is the benefit of the filtering aspects of the soil on left over pharmaceuticals, like cancer drugs and birth control pills, etc.  One last benefit is the fact the microbes clean the effluent in the soil continually, so the longer the effluent stays in the soil the cleaner it is before entering into a stream or river.


Can an onsite sewage system be put anywhere?  

Yes and No, an onsite treatment plant can be built virtually anywhere.  If the onsite system is to dispose of the treated sewage water into the soil, then acceptable soil is needed.  The acceptable soil can be at a different location.  The treated water is pumped to the acceptable location and applied to the soil there.

What is a community system?

A community system is a type sewage treatment system where one larger treatment plant serves the entire neighborhood or commercial complex.  These systems are becoming used more often for two reasons.  One, where there are poor soil conditions in an area with lots that won’t perk, homes or buildings may still be constructed on those lots and the sewage is pumped to an area with soil that is usable for treated effluent dispersal. Two,with a community system operated by a certified operator, sensitive environmental protection is assured.

Does Aqua Green Utility take over existing sewer systems?

Yes we are able to take over almost any system. Give us a call and we will be glad to look at your Individual needs.