Being a privately owned regulated utility is the best of both worlds. Private enterprise has shown to be more cost effective and efficient than government run services.  We are regulated by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority to make sure the cost is fair and competitive for our customers.

    Being a privately owned sewage utility gives us some important advantages over government based systems.  Speed of decision making is one of them, we don’t need to go through any processes to make needed changes.  We can sit down at a meeting with customers or developers and make firm decisions that won’t be changed just because of election results.  Because we are regulated, our customers can be assured that we can’t just decide to raise rates for the sake of profit margin. Being private encourages us to be efficient as a way to make money, rather than just raising prices because the general fund needs a bump.  We are pleased to say our rate prices are competitive with public utilities.  An additional side benefit for customers is the fact that we pay taxes, helping to relieve the overall burden, as opposed to a municipal plant asking for a grant, pulling from our taxes.

Privately Owned Regulated Utility Benefits